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Tim O'Connor

Create your own Wiki, folks. -- Bookmark the good sites when you find
them, and takes notes! Don is exactly right -- numerous times we have
tried to create a "public" forum for prototype information and it was only
a short time before it becomes polluted with incorrect/inadequate info.
Save all the good emails and run Google Desktop on your hard drive so
you can find them later.

The BEST thing you can do for others on the 'net is to create a specialty
site for stuff that interests you -- Ted's Steamfreightcars, the Keystone
Modeler, the CofG site, many historical society sites, etc etc. The search
engines will do the rest. :-)

I was just looking today at a Wikipedia entry that was a self serving
load of balderdash for some really bad ideas -- Not directly related to
freight cars but it shows that a Wiki may not be something to depend

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From: "Don Burn" <burn@...>

The problem with Wiki's is that the capture everything, so the folks who say
"wasn't there a Penn Central steam locomotive I know I saw the model" get
as much play as somebody like Ted Culotta
Don Burn

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