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B&O frequently made up for its available car shortfalls by buying,
begging, borrowing, commandeering and leasing cars from other

By 1960, a financially troubled B&O had accumulated a whopping 42%
bad order freight car ratio.

Part of digging themselves out of this hole, with substantial C&O
help, B&O availed themselves of a variety of secondhand hoppers and
boxcars (all built between 1932 and 1952, complying with this list's
ground rules) by various arrangements involving sales, leases, and

So, over the years, B&O had secondhand cars from .....


Ann Arbor (1956 built PS-1's, 6 and 8 foot doors)
Chesapeake and Ohio
Pennsylvania (X-43's)
Pittsburgh and Lake Erie
Rock Island
Reading (class HMa)



Weren't those ex PRR cars X43 and subclass cars which PRR ordered and then
leased from Chicago Car Leasing Company? The cars were on a short lease and
were returned to Chicago Car Leasing in the 1960's. CCL repainted then for
B&O and leased them to B&O. At least that is what I thought was the history of
the cars. While on the PRR these cars carried a white triangle below the
reporting marks. I remember reading this in some material Dick Schweiger found
when C&BT shops was doing research for the X43 and subclasses.

Rich Orr

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