Paint and details of NYC Early Bird boxcars

Mark Heiden

Hello everyone,

I have a few questions concerning the paint and various details of
the NYC Early Bird 50ft double door boxcars (Lot 862B, series 45000-

1. Were the ends of the cars painted black? Early protoype photos
show what looks like a half-hearted attempt to paint the ends black
(or coat them with car cement). Later photos look as though the
paint/car cement has worn off, leaving the ends the same color as the

2. What color was the roof painted?

3. What sort of running boards did these cars have? Were they

4. What sort of brake wheel did these cars have?

5. I'm thinking of using Champ decal set HB-335 to letter my model.
Does this set include the triangular shop mark and the end lettering
(cast stl wheels, spring 3in travel)?

Mark Heiden

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