Re: Code 88 wheels?

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Rich Beau writes:

I pulled out a couple of the Reboxx wheelsets I just purchase and
measured these.

Wheel Flange width Tread width Wheel width Wheel dia.
Reboxx 0.028 0.06 0.087 0.428

Now the tread width is hard to measure since there's a radius where the
flange meets the tread. Hence the two place figure. I'd need a
good "mike" rather then my digital vernier.

Also Mike shouldn't the flange width plus the tread width be at least
close to equaling the wheel width? If so why is the Intermountain code
88 wheel a bit off? .0778 versus .088
The wheel width should be exactly the flange width plus the tread width. Note that I said I couldn't measure either flange or tread width closer than 1/64...Oooops...I meant 1/128 which is the .00781 is what I wrote. Forgot that I halved the 1/64. Anyhow, add .0078 to .0468 + .030= .0846 certainly well within the 0.088 ball park.

Given the diameter of the wheel being the same as my Code 110 it sounds like the Reboxx wheel is also a Code 88T.

Mike Brock

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