Re: WM hopper trucks

Richard Hendrickson

One of our members is assembling a bunch of the Stewart channel side
hoppers, and wanted to know what trucks to use. I found one picture where I
think the car had Andrews, but it isn't clear, and one photo does not a
roster make. Any information? - John
I have only one photo of a WM channel side car and it dates from ca. 1961,
after Andrews trucks were banned in interchange, so it may have had Andrews
trucks earlier in life. The trucks in the photo are AAR self-aligning
spring-plankless with Barber lateral motion bolsters. Several mfrs. make
representations of AAR self-aligning spring-plankless trucks in HO scal,
the best probably being InterMountain's, but none of them have Barber later
motion devices - though that's a rather subtle detail in 1:87 scale. With
regard to the trucks on these cars earlier in their history, you might try
Larry Kline, who models WM (though in O scale):

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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