Re: Code 88 wheels?

Martin McGuirk <mjmcguirk@...>

I find it even more fascinating that the Reboxx and Intermountain measurements aren't identical - which leads me to believe the issue is with the measurer, not the measuree (the wheels).

Consider also that the surface of the wheel is not truly flat, and the flange increase slightly in width from the outer edge of the flange towards the tire surface. So, if you don't measure theses various dimensions at the exact same point you're from wheel to wheel you're going to get discrepancies.

But, rather than worrying too much about this you need to (1) figure out a way to get a truly accurate, consistent, measurements OR (2) simply accept the fact that "the wheels are narrower and look better." Quibbling over .0XX whatever of an inch, when no one has gottne a consistent measurement, seems academic at best.

Marty McGuirk

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