Re: Mold repair (was Re: Athearn Gondola News)

Bill Schneider <branchline@...>

Branchline's molds are all aluminum. FWIW, we have some common molds that have well over 400,000 shots on them now with no or minimal re-working. We also have a few that have 10 (yes, ten) or less before needing repair. In both cases the care with which the molds are installed and shot contributed directly to their longevity - or lack thereof. (Hint - do NOT use a steel screwdriver to pry a stuck plastic part out of an aluminum mold).

We have run into issues with ejector pin wear on some of the higher mileage molds, with the holes going somewhat egg-shaped or wearing to a loose fit. Re-working for a one step larger pin is generally possible and fixes the problem. There is also welding technology available today that allows a damaged area to be built up and re-machined without the need for fitting plugs.

Bill Schneider

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