Re: Code 88 wheels?

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Dennis Storzek notes:

So... Mike wants to quibble over .002" on the depth of the flange and
.005" on its width, but can't measure closer than +/- .0078????
Actually I can measure quite closely...having extremely good close up eyesight. What I cannot do is tell exactly where "W" extends to on the flange...thus, making my measurements of "W" and "T" unreliable...with an error possibility of "about" .00778. Could the error be say...0.009? Yep.

As to the depth of the flange, I can put my micrometer on the wheel's diameter including the flange fairly reliably. When the readings were the same, I was lead to suspect that the manufacturing process was merely to reduce the tread size on a Code 110 wheel...which, apparently, is what least in two cases.

Mike Brock

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