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Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Charlie Vlk, probably moving quickly to dodge incoming, says:

I've found that the Gurus tend not to tell us how much they know what's
right or wrong but
help us learn by SHOWING us.... through articles, books, digging up and
sharing obscure photos, etc...
True, they tend to accumulate credibility by doing so, but certifying a
model as being right or
wrong doesn't mean much to me unless I can see what the deviations are and
make my own
judgements if this is a horrible thing or not.
While I agree with the notion of making up one's own mind as to the acceptability of a model, I also appreciate knowing that, in the opinion of a guru, a car is "bogus". I would then like to know just "how" bogus it is.

If the Gurus (or anybody) are thinking of starting a rating/evaluation
service it would be interesting but I don't
think it would advance the state of the art more than doing more of what
they already are doing....
Except, perhaps, the info would be easier to access. Remember John Nehrich's book on model frt cars which showed which models were "accurate" for which RRs?

Mike Brock

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