Re: Code 88 wheels?

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Schuyler Larrabee writes:

Marty McGuirk writes:

The Code 88 wheel is a compromise --
Brock counters:
But, they also are not truly Code 88 wheels.
Sure they are, Mike. They're Code 88 because they measure .088" front face to back face. That's
what "Code" means, nothing more.
As I noted...I hope...long ago in this thread, I refer to the NMRA definition of Code 88, Code 110 or any other code as defined in RP-25. While the NMRA Code 88 wheel DOES have a total thickness of 0.088", it has other dimensions as well, including tread size and flange sizes. All of these dimensions together describe the NMRA Code 88 wheel. A far as I know, no one else has published a different definition of a Code 88 wheel. I DID say that I would call a wheel having a code 88 tread with a Code 110 flange a "Code 88T" wheel to differentiate it from a true Code 88 wheel. Since it turns out that this wheel might not exist and is, in fact, a Code 110 wheel with a reduced tread so that the entire wheel width is 0.088", I'll use the term Code 88T to define THAT case a true Code 88 shows up sometime.

What you mean is that they are not an RP25 Code 88 wheel. You're right about that. IM wheels
aren't; Reboxx wheels aren't. Not sure about the others. What the IM and Reboxx wheels are, is
exactly what you said: Code 88 wheels with Code 110-thickness flanges. I've been noting that on
this list for at least two years.
Well...I glad someone is alert.<G>.

Mike Brock

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