Re: Semi-Scale Wheel operation WAS: Re: Code 88 wheels?


Jim wrote (in part):
Finally - I'd also like some kind of operational data tossed into
the mix as well - stuff like which wheels have problems with which
existing turnouts, etc. From actual experience.

Okay, Jim, I'll bite. I experimented a bit with these wheels (InterMountain/Reboxx). I found they worked just fine on "Standard" HO track -- my layout at the time had 24" radius curves, no. 6 turnout (minimum) -- a combination of handlaid, Central Valley kits, Walthers, and Peco Code 100 (in staging). After a while the cars equipped with the wheelsets became completely "transparent to the user" -- a good sign as far as I'm concerned.

They are a little harder to get on the rails for some folks -- that really wasn't an issue, but it is something to keep in mind when setting rules about rerailing any cars that do hit the ties as some guest operators can get a little hamhanded at times.

The only "tell" I ever found was a noticeable "click" and a slight shimmy to the cars as they passed through the extremely generous guard rails and frogs on the Peco turnouts. I never had any operational issues.

In fact, I standardized on these wheels for the rest of the fleet, and I'm replacing the old Kadee wheelsets on many of my cars as I pull them out of their boxes and place them on the new layout -- or in the display cases (new layout is really, really small . . . )

To date I've used the IRC/Reboxx wheels -- I've heard Branchline is making semi-scale wheels, but apparently this is strictly a fictious product that will never see the light of day (<g>)

One last thing, I use the "Tool" as needed to clear the journal box. Doing so not only improves the rolling quality of the trucks, it also helps eliminate a lot of the black "goop" that accumulates on the rails. A lot of us spend time cleaning our track and loco wheels, never realizing that a lot of the black goop on the railheads is actually Delrin that's been placed there by the freight (and other) cars.

Marty McGuirk

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