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Dave Nelson <muskoka@...>

Anthony Thompson wrote:
Marty McGuirk wrote:
I know even less -- let me start with "What's a Wiki?????"
It could be defined as a possibly accurate--but usually well
supplied with inaccuracy--description of a topic, much like an
encyclopedia entry. The usual qualification to write one appears to
be that you know little and care less. Of course, if there were to be
STMFC version, we wouldn't be bound by those traditions. <g>

Yeah, true enough.

Ok, here's what I was thinking:

(1) There is expertise on this list, if not for actual contributions perhaps
active (or the occasional) review and feedback.

(2) A lot of web sites come and go and while some persons can preserve the
info by grabbing everything most folks don't bother... Simply trusting
that'll be there again next time they want it. The problem is any interest
/ means of any one individual who might be motivated to try something like
this solo can easily change -- note Ted's fine site... A gangbuster start
and little new for quite some time. The Wikipedia itself -- as an
independent agent with many contributors -- may be a solution to this. Or
not... I dunno.

(3) It is an encyclopedic amount of information... perhaps an encyclopedia
should be used to hold it.

(4) I have an ascii ORER that could serve as an initial frame upon which
add'l info can be hung. Something like:

--List of roads (from me, all hyperlinked to)
-- a date specific roster page of car series numbers & qty (from me,
series linked to)
-- date specific ORER data (from me)
-- linked to descriptions of each AAR code (from me).
-- linked to descriptions of each mark (e.g., car mark LA&SL vs.
owner UP; from me)
-- date specific ORER notes (if anyone wants to record them as I did
-- an As-Built page (if anyone wants to contribute any of this) of
-- Arrangment drawing
-- As Built car series numbers
-- Builder info (perhaps hyperlinked to a Company overview)
-- Other as built data not in the ORER, such as roof, ends, truck,
brake, and brake wheel data (linked to the proper common description, not
individually typed for each entry).
-- Any paint and lettering info (linked to the proper common
description, not individually typed for each entry).
-- Fundamental design (e.g., AAR 1937 std; I may be able to kick
start this)
-- As Built photo (if anyone wants to contribute it)
-- Date specific roster summary (i.e., total number of XME cars of 50' 6";
length and 5012 cufeet on 80t trucks; from me)
-- Any other date specific roster summations (e.g., by frame -- S, SF, SU,
Wd, C; from me)
-- dated in-service photos (if anyone wants to contribute that)

The key concept of the above is a separation of date specific information,
such as the ORER quantities and summations -- which I already have -- from
the As Built information, much of which which I do not have but often comes
up in postings to this list. Such a seperation would allow anyone to
contribute the info they know or care about and to link the varying date
specific information together via the constant As Built info.

Now it might be this whole idea is a pipe dream... I really don't know one
way or the other, which is why I bring it up.

Is it do-able? Would it be worthwhile? Would it be excessively burdonsome
to create and edit? I dunno.

Any comments?

Dave Nelson

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