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Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

If the "mood" is to create an "all-time" Freight Car data base, a way to start would be to use the New Freight Car listings in the first issue of each year's RAILWAY AGE. That data would have to be matched with a contemporary ORER to determine the car series numbers, mechanical designations and dimensions. Succeeding ORER's in roughly five year intervals would then be examined to note the quantities of cars, as well changes in mechanical designations, dimensions, conversions and renumberings. At a certain point, the car series would no longer be listed - therefore, providing the last year of service of that car series.

What would be missing from this data base? Used Car Sales to other roads? Some renumberings & conversions (into other car types)? I believe that RAILWAY AGE's lists included cars built in Company's Shops.

I believe Eric Neubauer has collected a list of "New Cars a la RAILWAY AGE." If not, it would be a relatively simple task for the idle in the now sunny Washington DC on an inclement day to photocopy these issues at the Library of Congress. The photocopies could then be transcribed and compared to contemporary ORER's - the most complete set of ORER's I know of are in Sacramento.

How's that for delegating?

Tim Gilbert

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