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Dave Nelson <muskoka@...>

Tim O'Connor wrote:
... and I would guess it would be an
enormous amount of work just to create the HTML ORER.

If you approach the problem as "What is the best std structure to present
this common data?" and then answereed that question... Then wouldn't it be
rather straight forward to write one perl script that read the ascii ORER
and formatted it per the "Std" in html (I must note here that I am not a
perl or html programmer... I'm a data architect)? In a similar manner, a
"Std." data collection format, such as a nicely formatted Excel spreadsheet,
fixes the inputs to those scripts WRT new content.

I know from the experience of transcribing a second ORER that such an
approach calls for vastly less work than doing everything from scratch.

It also has to be hosted somewhere, which means file space (cheap)
and bandwidth (not so cheap).
True. So here's where my ignornace shows: Where is the Wikipedia stuff

Dave Nelson

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