Re: Wikis

Tim O'Connor

But Dave, this is why your idea of the Wiki database is perfect. You
can hyperlink until the cows come home -- or rather, a person who cares
enough about a particular prototype to contribute some information, can
add his data to the existing data set... Multiply that effort by many
hundreds of people, and it's not so awful to consider.

I have this beautiful handout on B&O box cars from Chris Barkan. I'd
ask him first, but I'd love to see that information scanned and shown
to HO modelers of the 30's to 60's because it's an amazing data set.
And it would be instructive because almost every car is linked to
several number series and even car classes, including rebuilds and

Tim O'Connor

There is a simple technical solution (non-excel based) to that but I
concluded it requires far more effort to set up and capture the answer than
the end result was worth. Now perhaps w/ a dozen or more ORER sets, it
would be, but in the 1-3 range it, IMO, isn't.
Dave Nelson

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