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1) When did the "Route of Phoebe Snow" billboard slogan come into use?
The very first car to wear that billboard rolled out of the Magor Car Company
plant in Clifton, N.J., in April 1942.

2) Would it have been possible to have an older car still equipped with
K brake and painted with that slogan?
Likely not, but not impossible. I've got a dozen or so photos of these cars
in service, and of those four photos are of them in the billboard paint. All
of the billboards were photographed in the post-K era (one has a Youngstown
door). The pre-billboard-painted cars in the AB-transition era still have

I've got several of these kits; these cars were also converted into flangers,
which will be an interesting modification in resin for the windows, doors and
a cupola.

Mike Del Vecchio

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