Re: Accuracy of paint schemes...


Since various folks have mentioned that we ought to recognize and
reward manufacturers who pay attention to prototype fidelity in models
and paint schemes, I wonder how list members might feel about moving
Red Caboose the list of Good Actors, at least on probationary status.
It seems to me Red Caboose has taken significant steps the past
couple of years to leave the legacy of bogus paint schemes behind. To
wit, look at the degree of restraint shown for paint schemes in the
newly-tooled F-70-7 flatcar model--just three road names to date, all
correct, as far as I can tell. And RC's recent boxcar releases seem
to show more deliberate attention to protoype fidelity, though no
doubt a few bloopers are going over my head. Moreover, if we look
across the market choice of decorated NP freight cars (the railroad I
am most familiar with), RC's lettering work is excellent--as good as
it gets, short of decaling your own. That said, there are still some
liberties being taken with RC's GS gon concerning car capacity and
safety appliances. But all in all, I see a trend here that probably
warrants recognition. Arguments?

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT
Not affiliated with RC in any way
Except as intermittently satisfied customer

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