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Mark P.

I can see this quickly snowballing - my own interest would be in S scale cars that match the prototype.

Another issue that would need to be addressed would be how to handle searching for prototype roads when the controlling roads change and when they are absorbed. The DT&I and N&W come to mind for roads that are controlled by others at various times. My own favorite Toledo & Ohio Central was controlled by the Hocking Valley for 21 years, then by NYC, then was absorbed - if I am looking for the T&OC/K&M cars that became the first batch of NYC panel side hopper rebuilds, how can I find these? It's not as straight forward as you might think, but linking would greatly facilitate this.

Mark Plank
researching the T&OC at and rethinking how my databases are organized

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There's certainly something to be said for a database organized by
prototype roadname and number, but I would also like to see a database
where I could look up a model (say, the Atlas N-scale offset twin
hopper) and find out what prototypes correspond directly to that model
and which can be created with modification (and how much modification).
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