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Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

jim_mischke wrote:

Don't all speak up at once.
I have had no responses offering assistance from my recent request
for diagrams, on or off list.
Are there no source material freight car diagrams for Ann Arbor, Lake
Terminal, Maine Central, Lehigh and New England, Lehigh Valley, CNJ,
Rock Island, B&M, B&LE, P&LE, PRR X-43 boxcars, Reading or
Or are people on this list close with their data?

J. P. Barger of Hudson, Mass. graciously let me go through his C&O
and N&W diagram books recently. I was hoping for additional help
with these other railroads.

MEC books are available from the B&MRRHS Catalog, PO Box 9116, Lowell MA 01853. George Melvin sold some B&M diagrams, but I do not know his address. The Walker Transportation Collection, c/o The Beverly Historical Society, 117 Cabot Street, Beverly MA 01915 may have a copy of the B&M freight car diagrams which they may reproduce for a price. Neither the B&M nor MEC had passenger car diagrams to the best of my knowledge.

Tim Gilbert

Tim Gilbert

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