Re: Code 88 wheels?

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Larry Jackman writes-

There is a company that makes switches in HO scale.... He had a layout set up with a lot of
curves and leading switches.. He ran a train with the engine PUSHING 10/12 cars on this lay out from 10 AM to 10 PM for four days with out any derailments. ... He is still in business making HO scale switches.
This is Steve Hatch and his company is Railway-Engineering His turnouts and other special track work are things of mechanical beauty. All my #12 turnouts, a #8 double slip, and a small number of #8 and #6 turnouts (codes 81 and 55) were custom-made by Steve, and they are very reliable. The gauge-narrowing is a standard feature on these turnouts, and I can indeed reverse move through a diverging path a long heavy steam era freight cars without a solitary derailment. However, although I certainly have not made a study of it, so far I seem to also be able to do about the same with my Shinohara and Peco (staging) turnouts (the latter with styrene shims to narrow the guardrail flangeways ).

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