Re: Shell Tank Cars

Richard Hendrickson

Off hand I remember a yellow Shell tank car...
Doesn't our guru Hendrickson state that there was no such paint scheme?
I've never said that. There is documentary evidence that some cars were
delivered in the 1920s to SEPX (Shell Eastern Products) and RPX (Roxana
Petroleum) with yellow tanks and red billboard lettering. What I HAVE said
is that those paint schemes didn't last long, the photographic evidence
showing that all of the Shell affiliates went to a more practical black
with white stenciling in the 1930s, and that numerous models with yellow
tanks and red lettering purporting to represent cars in service in the
1940s and later are all bogus. (Shell of Calif. did put Shell logos above
the reporting marks on some cars in the 1950s, as correctly represented by
Life-Like's 8K gal. AC&F Type 21 models.)

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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