Re: Other freight car modeling inspirations

Schuyler G Larrabee <SGL2@...>

One more here . . .


Same book, same experience! I just bought copy on
ebay a few years ago to relive it.

Ted Culotta

--- scott459 <> wrote:
Perhaps my first exposure to "the world of freight
cars" was, (drumroll please...) "The Big Book of
Real Trains."
It had cutaway views and explanations of how steam
and diesel locomotives work, and diagrams showing
what train crew members do. Then there were at
least a dozen large illustrations (color paintings
or pencil sketches) of various freight car types.
Off hand I remember a yellow Shell tank car (yes, I
know plain schemes were much more common) and an NKP
gon being loaded with pipe.
I still have the book and I've always intended to
look up the car numbers in the ORER as a starting
point for modeling at least one of the cars-- as it
really was, not relying on the book.
Anyone else already gone this route?

Scott Pitzer

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