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Well, I doubt I have as many back issues as Paul Gibson or these
other folks,
but my wife and I have peddling the late Harry Frye's magazine
collection at
local train shows here in NH. It is beginning to get somewhat
picked over,
with most of the higher value mags gone, but I might as well get
the word out
here. It has been our intent to "finish" with this endeavor this
April, as we
don't feel we can continue to cover table costs after that point.
If you need
something, send a message to trainmags@y... .

As for the ARA steel boxcar article in the 6/98 RMJ, that one got
cut out and
placed into my binder...

do you have Model Railroading 1996 June available ?


Bernd Schroeder

Earl Tuson

From: "Michael Carson" <mbcarson@t...>

I don't know of another back issue source with a web
presence. The classified ads in the February 2002 Model
Railroader list two other sources; the San Diego Model
Railroad Museum and Wesley Wolf of Kent, OH. Mr. Wolf, I
think, just recently bought out a long time east coast back
issue dealer.

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