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Thank you for the information. I believe you had
posted information about the content of next Volume earlier,
but missing bit was when we might expect the next issue.

As my earlier posting stated you and all those associated
with RPC have done an excellent job of publishing a world
class serial. Personally, I understand that work of the
caliber of RPC requires a lot of time to accomplish and
implies the interval between volumes is numbered in months
rather than weeks.

Thank you,

Mike Carson

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: >October 2001, IIRC. I guess we could quibble if
: >October is more than a couple months ago. The older I
: >the faster time seems to go, but Volume 6 came out after
: >warm weather left Vermont. After I replied to your
: >I checked the RPC website and it was silent about the
: >issue/volume.
: Mike,
: Volume 7 is in work and anticipated for release this
spring (perhaps April).
: It will contain a relatively long article on express
refrigerator cars, EMD
: F3 Phase III locomotives, and one freight car article that
for now will be a
: surprise. The text for articles is essentially complete
and we've been
: working on scanning photos. The page layout phase will
begin very soon. We
: will update the web site when we have a known target date
for Vol. 7
: completion.
: Regarding difficulties reported earlier today encountered
with accessing the
: RP CYC web site, I too had problems today and contacted
the AOL technical
: support staff for an explanation. No reply at this time.
As of 11:00 pm CST,
: it is still not functioning properly. We have made no
changes lately so it
: must be a system problem.
: Regards,
: Ed Hawkins
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