Re: Seeking excerpts from obscure equipment diagram books

Rob Adams


Perhaps it was because your request didn't stand out prominently enough...I can honestly say that I didn't even see your request until your second post, as the initial inquiry came at the end of a post about B&O cars that I glossed over because it didn't appear to have relevance to my modeling period (1938).

I am curious about one comment that you made about the AA PS-1 box cars though. You mentioned AA 1956-built PS-1 's with 6 and 8 foot doors going to the B&O. I'm presently eating lunch at the office and don't have access to my files, but my recollection is that the B&O ended up with the AA's 1956-built 300-399 series PS-1's with 6-foot doors, and some of the 1957-built 400-499 series (also with 6 foot doors), but I didn't recall the AA parting with any of their 8-foot door cars from the 1200-1399 (c.1957) or 1400-1409 (c.1959?) series. Can you provide more detail? If my recollections are accurate, the transactions took place some time after the DT&I took over the Ann Arbor in 1963 (recall that the AA had been controlled by the Wabash from 1925 to 1963 and the AA was spun off prior to the Wabash being absorbed by the N&W). There were a lot of bizarre transactions that took place after the DT&I came on to the AA property. It would be interesting to know what the thought process was for parting with a substantial number of the AA's most modern cars in such short order, while hanging on to a bunch of older stuff and then handing down some similar tired equipment to the AA. Undoubtedly some bookkeeping voodoo and just about the short-term bottom-line for the parent company.

But we are now straying outside the focus and period of this group. I'm going to climb back over the fence.

Kind regards, Rob

jim_mischke wrote:

Without having to take said chill pill, I have now recieved a dozen
constructive suggestions, book citations and xeroxing offers of help
with most railroad diagrams requested. Thank you all!

My comment about " .. or is everyone here close with their source
material .. " was sharp and out of line. I apologize.
I do wonder, however, why a question about 48' Athearn gondola
ribbing can draw fifteen posts here in an afternoon while a serious
source material question like mine goes uncommented upon by anyone
for days.

Until recently, I have seldom found decent information on the web and
it is still all too rare. There are too many self appointed experts
and cheap scanners filling cyberspace with folklore, falsehoods,
unvetted data, unusable images, and misinterpreted captions. My main
thing is B&O locomotives and is a vast factual wasteland out there. Some good material is posted, it is just too dilute. For me, it is
far more efficient and effective to network with the real experts, on
line and off, and share xerox source material. I'll take personal
visitation and snail mail over the web any day.

Interesting that I just drove 2200 miles to look at genuine N&W and
C&O diagram books yet am critized by Mr. Smith for being so lazy as
to not clicking on some web site I never heard of.

--- In, "smithbf36832" <smithbf@...> wrote:

--- In, "jim_mischke" <jmischke@> wrote:
Don't all speak up at once.
I have had no responses offering assistance from my recent
for diagrams, on or off list.
Are there no source material freight car diagrams for Ann Arbor,
Terminal, Maine Central, Lehigh and New England, Lehigh Valley,
Rock Island, B&M, B&LE, P&LE, PRR X-43 boxcars, Reading or
Um Jim,

Second, "take a chill pill dude". A simple Google search of "PRR
got to Rob Schoenberg's page on these cars as the FIRST HIT. On
of that, we must have posted the link to Rob's pages tens of times
ON THE WEB thanks to Rob. So your attitude, seemingly demanding
we supply you with information that could so easily obtained by
yourself by just a tiny bit of effort, is not particularly
nor likely to encourage folks to work with you.

Bruce Smith
Auburn AL (although currently ensconced in Steamboat Colorado,
received its 415th INCH of snow yesterday!)


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Rob Adams
Wellman, IA
Modeling CB&Q, CRI&P and Wabash operations in Keokuk, IA,
the Wabash Bluffs, IL to Keokuk branch, and the CB&Q's Keokuk & Western branch, circa 1938

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