Replacing Leaf Springs

Justin Kahn <jacekahn@...>

Although I have been out of HO for nearly twenty-five years, I would guess the "Walthers" leaf springs were part of the Silver Streak line from when Walthers bought it. They always worked well and looked convincing (at least in that simpler time). I would not be surprised if PSC didn't have some, too.
I am a bit puzzled by Norm's saying that EACH side of EACH truck required two leaf springs, as I don't recall ever seeing any like that, not even in O scale.
Jace Kahn

Back in pre-history, Walthers had replacement leaf
springs. However they have not be offered for a decade or
so. I understand Precision Scale has replacement leaf
springs as part of their product line.
Mike Carson
: Going through my hell-box I came across a pair of tender
trucks which had
: been put out to pasture because a leaf-spring broke and
another is on
: permanent vacation in a dense pile carpet.
: I can (and have) replaced coil springs for
freight/passenger car trucks,
: but where can I get or how can I make replacement leaf
springs that at
: least look plausible. >: uniformity. FWIW, each truck uses 4 leaf springs, two on
each side, that
: are about .060"/1.5mm wide and it looks like it would be a
small major
: project to convert them to coil springs.
: Norm

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