Kts vs. RTR


Perhaps there may be an additional factor or two that have not been addressed in the demise of kit building, including age level and MRR enjoyment.

In the first category, I can be the example! LOL I just turned 64 and have neither the eyesight nor the dexterity I had 30 years ago. I still love to build the old Olympic Cascadian kits (and buy everyone I find on Ebay), but they certainly take quite a bit longer than they used to! At the same time, I can find "pre-built kits" on Ebay that fit my RR needs quite well, and in many cases are extremely well-built. Of course, Ebay can be a double-edged sword and like others, I have been "burned" a few times when the quality was less than advertised.

A second factor could be the specific area of interest of the model railroader. I know folks that build kits or scratchbuild cars/structures that do not have a layout nor intend to have a layout. Their enjoyment is the construction. On the other hands there are some who thoroughly enjoy the operational aspect and view buildings, cars, etc. as a means towards operation and do not have the same level of enjoyment in kit building.

Just some "food for thought".

Jack Hanger

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