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BOOKS & BRASS FOR SALE � �baby needs new shoes <G>�


Val has informed me she is going shoe shopping today�.so I need to
sell a few books <G>.

Anyway, here are the rules�first to respond gets a 10 day wait�
personal checks OK�

S/H USPS book rate $3 for one, $5 for two or more books�alternate
methods at cost . Valuable books will be shipped insured, RRC.

All books are in excellent condition, unless indicated.

Always interested in trades�I�m looking for HO Southeastern brass,
ACL, SAL, FEC, SCL, especially Overland ACL/SAL phosphate hoppers,
and cabeese, Beaver Creek �Whale Belly�, Atlas Code 83 track and
turnouts, KD HO freight cars, SAL Val maps�.

PLESE CONTACT ME OFF-LIST Thanks for looking�..


Ted Strickland (727) 866-1023

Southeastern Railroad Books

Seaboard � The Route of Courteous Service, by Bill Griffin, Jr., TLC,
HB $20

Seaboard Air Line Railway, by Richard Prince, Indiana Press, HB,
Reprint, with both dust jackets $35

Virginia Railway Depots, Donald Traser, TLC, HB $20

Classic Steam Trains of the South, Curt Tillotson, Jr. TLC, HB $20

Atlantic Coast Line - The Diesel Years, Warren Calloway, Withers, HB

Classic Diesels of the South, J. Parker Lamb, TLC, HB $20

Atlantic Coast Line Passenger Service � The Postwar Years, Larry
Goolsby, TLC, HB $20

Rails to Weeds � Volume 2: Drawings of ACL Buildings in Wilmington,
Charles Kernan, SB $10

Building the Clinchfield, by James Goforth, GEM Publishers, HB, DJ $10

Building a Great Railroad � A History of the ACL Railroad Co., by
Glenn Hoffman, HB, DJ $15

Seaboard Air Line Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment, by
Paul Faulk, Morning Sun, HB, DJ $35

Seaboard Coast Line in Florida � A Pictorial History, by Bob Warren &
Fred Clark, Jr. Carstens, SB $20

Seaboard Motive Power, by Warren Calloway & Paul Withers, Withers,
HB, DJ $50

Orange Blossom Special � Florida�s Distinguished Winter Train, by Ted
Shrady & Arthur Waldrop, 1st edition with Addendum�both books signed
by both authors. $25

Orange Blossom Special � Florida�s Distinguished Winter Train, by Ted
Shrady & Arthur Waldrop, 1st edition with Addendum�OBS signed by TS.

Norfolk Southern Railroad, Old Dominion Line and Connections, Richard
Prince, HB $125

From the Cab- Stories of a Locomotive Engineer, by Doug Riddell,
Pentrex, SB $10

Pennsylvania Railroad:

Pennsy K-4�s Remembered, by Fred Kramer, Bells & Whistles, SB $5

Horseshoe Heritage � The Story of the Great Railroad Landmark, by Dan
Cupper, Withers, SB $8

Pennsylvania Railroad � Passenger Car and Lettering, by Charles
Blardone & Peter Tilp, PRRT&HS, HB, DJ (stamped �possibly damaged" on
inside front cover�but I couldn�t find damage) $50

Pennsylvania Railroad Compendium, Vol. #1, � PRR Freight Car
Lettering Arrangements 1954-1968 George Kusner & Nicholas Seaman,
Middle Division, SB, large format, spiral bound, slight water damage
to first few pages of lower right hand corner. $40

Illustrated History of the American Railroad (3 books in slipcase) $5
ea, $15 for 3 plus silp case:
New York Central, Aaron E. Klien, Bonanza, HB, DJ
Pennsylvania Railroad, Jacobs, Crescent, HB, DJ
Baltimore and Ohio, Timothy Jacobs, Bonanza, HB, DJ

Narrow Gauge and Logging:

Woodstock Railway � Over the Hills to Woodstock, by Edgar Mead,
Stephen Greene Press, HB, DJ $5

Narragansett Pier RR - A Short Haul to the Bay, by James Henwood,
HB, DJ $5

Bridgton & Saco River R. R. � �Busted� and Still Running, by Edgar
Mead, Stephen Greene Press, HB, DJ $5

Train Shed Cyclopedia N. 34 � Shays and Other Geared Locomotives,
Gregg $5

Catalog of the Climax Geared Locomotive, Boynton (reprint), SB $5

Heisler Geared Locomotives, PFM (reprint 1973), SB $10

The MDC Shay Handbook, by Jeff Johnston, Oso Pub., SB $10

Shay � The Lima Catalog No. S-4 1925, Single Shot (reprint), SB $10

Shay � Class B Shay Model, Single Shot (reprint), SB $10

Shay � Class C Shay Model, Single Shot (reprint), SB $10

Shay- 1919 Catalog, PFM (reprint), SB $10

Shay Service Manual � Class C Model, Single Shot, SB $10

Porter Steam Locomotives Light and Heavy, 13th ed., Original catalog,
some water damage, torn pages, rough but complete $60

Virginia & Truckee, by Lucius Beebe & Charles Clegg, Howell-North, SB

Brass Catalogs and Books:

Brown Book of Brass Locomotives, 3rd Ed., by John Glabb, Chilton, SB

Overland Mail (catalog) #�s: 104, 127, 128, 129, 130,131,132, $3 each

Pacific fast Mail � 25 Years of Fine Models, by Phil & Ruth Kohl $25

Pacific Fast Mail Catalog, 15th Ed. $5

Pacific Fast Mail Catalog, 9th Ed. $5

Overland Models � The First 10 Years, by Brian Marsh, Overland, Large
format (11 X 14, spiral bound) $50

Wayner Books:

Car Names and Consists, Robert Wayner, rebound in green bukram, HB

Amtrak Consists,Robert Wayner, SB $10

Amtrak Car Diagrams, Robert Wayner, SB $10

Amtrak Car and Locomotive Spotter (including Auto-Train), 3rd Ed.,
Robert Wayner, SB $10

Misc Books:

Civil War Railroads, by Geo. Abdill, Superior Publishing, HB, DJ $5

The Collector�s Book of the Locomotive, by Edwin Alexander, Clark
Potter, HB, DJ (small tears) $5

N-Scale Magazine, Hundman, Volumes 1-8 Bound (4 books) in dark blue
buckram, with Smythe (thru the fold sewing, allowing books to lay
flat), also have both versions of Vol. 1 No. 1 and 6 other misc
issues. These volumes are awesome�.$110 ppd.

Waycars of the Chicago, Burlington & Quicny, by Daniel Holbrook &
Steven Lorenz, Prototype Modeler, SB $30

Building a Lima Locomotive, by Scott Trostel, Cam-Tech , SB $10

LGB Track Planning and Technical Guide, Robert Munzing, LGB, HB
(english edition) $50

Howard Fogg and the Diesel Image, Weekend Chief, HB, DJ $50

The Northerns, by Jack Farrell & Mike Pearsall, PFM, DJ, Slipcase $100

The Mountains, by Jack Farrell & Mike Pearsall, PFM, DJ, Slipcase $100

Railroad Maps of the US, by Andrew Modeleski, Library of Congress,
SB $5

Classic Trains, first 5 issues, Kalmbach, SB $10

Railroad Station Plan Book, Kalmbach, SB $5

Locomotive Coaling Stations, Fairbanks Morse Co, TLC (reprint) $10

North American M of W Equipment, James Bradley, Bradley, SB $20

Rails to the Rim � Milepost Guide to Grand Canyon Railway, by Al
Richmond, SB $5

The Official Railway Guide, Jul/Aug 1978 %5

The Last of the Great Stations, - 40 Years of the Union Passenger
Terminal, Bill Bradley, SB, Interurbans Special 72 $10

The History, Making and Modeling of Steel, by Dean Freytag, Kalmbach,
HB, DJ $45

B&O Transportation Museum, SB $5

Along the Cape Fear, by Susan Black, Arcadia, SB (non-RR) $5

American Experss 1850-1950- A Century of Service, by Alden Hatch,
Doubleday, HB $25

Railroad Transportation � Teachers Kit (Portfolio) Fifth
Edition ,1951 with 57 prints and 2 booklets , AAR $40

Misc Equipment: (All have original box/foam)

Overland 1169 FEC Wood Side Door Caboose #702-760, unpainted $160

Overland 3328.2 PRR Covered Hopper H30A Class, F/P #255823
grey/black lettering $180

Overland 1312 S NYC, SAL Flexi-Van Car Mark IV, C/P silver,
unlettered (will throw in 2 quality craft wood Flexi-van kits). $125

Overland 6120 SAL Centipede C/P �Modified Citrus, lettered, lights�,
(9/96) $750

Overland 1123 SAL Plywood caboose, unpainted $160

United Russian 2-10-0 �Frisco� C/P and numbered #130, not lettered,

Southwind Models SWM-2001 ACL, Southern, C of G FR-3 Pulp Wood Flat
Car, unpainted, $125

Hallmark EMD E 3/6 A/B (B dummy) C/P SAL OBS with silver underframe
(very nice) $300

Sunset 2-6-6-4 B&O KB 1A, SAL R-1, unpainted, $750

Spectrum HO PRR K-4 $50

Rivarossi 1535 Southern 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific (1401) $100

Rivarossi 5435 RP&P 2-8-4 Berk #574 $100

Leapfrog �Remote Control Extender� NIB�extends signals from IR
remotes up to 300� NIB $30 (was $75)

MRC 6200 Train Power 60 VA $60 (NIB)

MRC 8000 Tech II Sound Generator (steam and diesel) $25

20+ assorted �G-scale� cars and loco�s, list on request��

Assorted HO Atlas SAL freight cars, list on request�..

Assorted SAL & Misc N-scale loco�s and equipment, list on request��

Assorted Kato HO Unitrak, list on request�..


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