Re: Ford hoppers

Mark P.

I didn't make myself clear, did I? <vbg> I meant on the DT&I. The hoppers came from mines on the south end of the DT&I. Hopefully some of the DT&I experts can jump in here - if not, I'll try to track it down from the DT&I list's archives.

I also checked <> and <> (this one is being rebuilt after a server crash but most of it appears to be back up). <> has "Henry Ford personally purchased the DT&I in the Summer of 1920. He had always had an interest in railroads and the DT&I provided an outlet for all of the innovations he had envisioned. He began a massive capital improvement program to rehabilitate the physical condition of the railroad. He saw the DT&I as being a large terminal railroad, hauling raw materials and finished product to the Rouge Complex of the Ford Motor Company." This doesn't quite answer the question, but may provide guidance for others to help out.

Mark Plank

I originally wrote:
This has been discussed on the DT&I list a couple of different
times, and like you, Ben, no one has solid evidence the Ford
hoppers wandered offline. It also appeared that these usually
went in groups ("unit trains").
And Tony questioned:
What does "online" mean in this case? Was there a Ford railroad?
or does it mean on the DT&I?
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