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Yeah the newbie's at it again, you've just got to appreciate how steep
the learning curve is ;-)

Let me just say that Kalmbach's book though a good primer is a bit
light so I started looking for some books on freight cars. I'm really
looking for photos of frieght car protypes that ran on or through New
England - B&A (both of them), NH, NYC, PRR, especially B&M.

Anyone got some good suggestion? How is the Classic Freight Cars by
Henry Maywald? Anything else I should look for? <snip>

Other sources that have not yet been mentioned include <snip> You'll
often see references on this list to the periodical Official Railway
Equipment Registers, which listed all of the freight cars in
interchange service in North America on a given date by reporting
marks, numbers, and dimensions. With one exception, these are out of
print and sell for high prices on the resale market; the exception is
that reprints of the 1/43 and 1/53 ORERs are available from the
National Model Railroad Association (<snip the
rest of the message>.


Richard forgot to mention that Al Westerfield has several ORERs available on CD. They
are $20 each (except for some PRR stuff that's more) and start as
early as 1885, going through the end of the cutoff for this group. I
have the one closest to the time I model and have referred to it
several times.

Walter M. Clark
Time stopped in November 1941
Riverside, California

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