Re: WM hopper trucks

Dana and Larry Kline <klinelarrydanajon@...>

<John Nehrich wrote:
One of our members is assembling a bunch of the Stewart channel side
hoppers, and wanted to know what trucks to use. I found one picture where I
think the car had Andrews, but it isn't clear, and one photo does not a
roster make. Any information? - John>

All of the 1947 and later photos I have of WM channel side hoppers show cast
steel (Bettendorf) trucks of various types. Some photos show two different
truck types on one car. Some of the 1916-17 Pullman hoppers that were
converted to channel side cars in 1927-32 were built with Bettendorf
T-section trucks and kept them after rebuilding. The latest photo I have of
a car with Bettendorf T-section trucks is dated 1942. I also have one 1940
photo of a car with one cast steel truck and one Bettendorf T-section truck.

Larry Kline

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