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Gentlemen,Are there any good models of a quad hopper other than Bowser's or Westerfield's( both Pennsy }? Armand Premo

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Justin Kahn wrote:
"Keystone?" Is it possible you meant "Crown" (which Rich did import
for his H21's)?
Did you look at the photo, Jace? It very clearly says
"Keystone" right on it. I associate the "Crown" trucks with the PRR,
though I'd be happy to be enlightened about broader use.

I take it Larry is using "USRA" in the sense of "USRA flatcar," which
is to say designs considered by the committee but never actually built
under the auspices of the USRA?
The committee didn't "consider" designs, it created/assembled
them, but you are right that none were ever ordered by USRA. That of
course didn't keep anyone else from liking or ordering from the
drawings. Carbuilder representatives were the core of the committee and
naturally they could market any of the designs they liked, to be built
by their own plant.

The "cast" trucks look (off the top of my head) very much like
Vulcans, so the San Juan D&RGW Vulcan set might serve.
Not like many Vulcans I know, other than the separate
journals. As we are all learning, sideframe shape did differ among
manufacturers, and we are far from being able to accurately model many
of the commercial castings which were in use.

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