Re: Modeler's Guide to Steel Boxcars (or "Boxcars for Dummies")


The latest issue of Model Railroader has just such an article by Tony
Koester. I would also advise joining the Renselaer Model RR Society
(nominal charge for access to their website) and perusing John
Nehrich's freight car info on the site, which gives good details about
many available boxcar kits, some history and photos as well.
Hope that helps
Stefan Lerche'
Duncan, BC Canada

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As the resident newbie I've not found a solid "Boxcars for Dummies" (or
a Complete Idiot's Guide to Boxcars for that matter). It sure would be
nice to have a resource for this sort of info.

In fact there's only two choices; the Kalmbach Guiode to Freight Cars
or start pulling on the tail of the Ouroborous.

who's really not a shill

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