Re: Modeler's Guide to Steel Boxcars (or "Boxcars for Dummies")

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I believe I was present at Naperville that year and was very
impressed. The NMRA has this available??
On Apr 13, 2006, at 9:19 AM, lnbill wrote:

The NMRA sells a video they shot of a convention
presentation I did one year entitled something
like "A History of the Forty Foot Boxcar as Told
Through Models" that was originally developed for
presentation at Sunshine Models Naperville
gathering around 1995-96. It started about 1910 I
think with a Harriman design and goes through 1955
with an AAR welded steel design. I think you can
check it out through the library there.

Many of the folks on this list have seen this
presentation, and from the feedback I received at
the time, there were no major errors, or even
minor ones.

Bill Welch


I'm wondering if I can get my hands on my very own copy of this
somewhere? Would you have any leads?

Thanks for the tip.

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