Re: ATSF War Emergency gons

James Babcock

How do I order from you?

Andy Carlson <midcentury@...> wrote:
This may be a good time to bring up the availability of ATSF Tichy War emergency Gondolas which have been assembled in China by Intermountain Railway Co.

Earlier this month I had a special selling of IM cars at 1/2 off retail where I offered and quickly sold out these Tichy RTR cars. I have replenished my stock of these cars at the old good price, and can again offer them to the STMFC members for $16.00 ea. They are painted in the as delivered scheme (I believe this based on the new date printed on the car). These cars are IM #452301-(9-14).They are pictured in the IM web site. Shipping is $2.00 per car. I prefer to be contacted off-list (please) at: midcentury@...

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

Charlie Duckworth <trduck@...> wrote: Is the model of the ATSF gon (ATSF 169534) in the January 1990 Model
Railroading then correct for a car around 1954? The spacing of the
individual numbers is much wider than on the two (later) prototype
shots shown in the article.

Thanks - Charlie

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