Re: SFRD Rr-30 Class Reefers From Athearn


Can someone offer the number series for the SFRD Rr-30 reefers? The
ORER doesn't appear to distinguish SFRD cars by that car class code.

Also, is there a web site somewhere with good ATSF/SFRD+ freight car
rosters? I never seem to be able to google this info up when I need
it. Thx!

Chris Frissell, Polson, MT

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Era: 1940 to 1960s
• NEW body tooling
• National B-1 Trucks (NEW tooling) • Fully assembled
• Machined metal wheels • Weighted for optimal performance
• Razor-sharp printing and painting
• Magnetically operated knuckle
• Includes molded and wire-form grabirons, stirrup steps, recessed
ladders and full underbody details
• Positionable Santa Fe style "reversed" ice hatches with etched and
formed hatch stops

Announced: 4-18-06
Orders Due: 5-16-06
ETA: September 2006

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