Re: SFRD Rr-30 Class Reefers From Athearn


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These are well worth the investment if you intend on doing a lot of
work on Santa Fe reefers and boxcars, and will beat hands down any
source currently on the internet.
Ben: Thank you, a very useful list, and I will save it to consider in
future purchases. However, like may others, I only anticipate doing
a little work on ATSF freight cars--sort of a slow trickle, and only a
few car series, as they are foreign road cars for me. Over the past
couple of years I have graduated from mostly ignoring prototype
fidelity of foreign road cars to at least doing the research I can do,
given that resources preclude investing in a complete collection of
Color Guides, etc. (though I can see I am on the slippery slope to
that end...).

And a hearty thank you to Andy S. et al. for the number series and
service data. Regards,

Chris Frissell

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