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If one were to have a frozen food warehouse as an on-line industry, the
probability of seeing these cars goes up.

BTW "The World Wonders" was not part of Nimitz's message it was the
"pad", a random phrase put on the end of the message to confuse any
Japanese cryptologist trying to break the code. It was an unfortunate
choice because it seemed to fit the message and the decoding clerk
mistakenly left it in, thus leading to the perceived insult to Halsey!
Now for the trivia contest. What was the pad on the front of that
famous message?


Andy Miller

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If one applies the Dave Nelson/Tim
Gilbert "probability of occurrence" to these cars, one MIGHT be allowed
tenth of a car to be on the layout during a month of operating
OTOH, if one were to...for some reason...model say two days [ as in May
and May 15, 1954 ] AND had proof that 4 of the Rr-30 reefers were in
train on one of those days in the area modeled...Bingo! could run
4 of
them. No idea what to do about modeling and running the other 2400 or
cars active on those days in the area of the RR modeled. Not my

"The World Wonders"....Nimitz to Halsey, Oct 1944

Mike Brock

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