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For those who haven't seen it yet, this is from today's online "Athearn

HO 50' Santa Fe Ice Reefer (Now THIS is the BIG NEWS of this group of
announcements. We're glad that you got this far. This is ALL NEW
TOOLING, and is a model of a car that has never, EVER been available
in plastic before! The detailing is absolutely exquisite!)

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Mike Brock wrote:

Keith Jordan writes:

I'm excited that Athearn did this, because it could be a harbinger
of future projects based on "minor" prototypes.
Hmmm. Tongue firmly in cheek...smiling....If one applies the Dave
Gilbert "probability of occurrence" to these cars, one MIGHT be
allowed one
tenth of a car to be on the layout during a month of operating sessions.
OTOH, if one were to...for some reason...model say two days [ as in
May 14
and May 15, 1954 ] AND had proof that 4 of the Rr-30 reefers were in one
train on one of those days in the area modeled...Bingo! could
run 4 of
them. No idea what to do about modeling and running the other 2400 or so
cars active on those days in the area of the RR modeled. Not my problem.
SFRD Rr-30 Reefer #37328 was loaded with Bananas northbound on the SOU
between Monroe VA and Pot Yard on September 27th, 1946, but, alas,
#37328 was not equipped with a Preco Floor circulating device. #37328
was part of a forty three car Banana block consisting of 14 reefers
owned by the FGEX/BREX/WFEX group; 11 by PFE; 7 by MDT; 4 by SFRD; 3 by
ART; 2 by URTX; one by the NP; and one indecipherable. This is the only
reporting of a RR-30 in all of my parsings of sundry wheel reports.

Tim Gilbert

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