Re: SFRD Rr-30 Class Reefers From Athearn

Tim O'Connor


The question I have is which of the paint schemes offered by Athearn
is correct for the Rr-30, or are all of them correct -- for the same
time period?

I had a lot of difficulty choosing paint schemes for my Overland
Rr-30, Rr-37, and Rr-42 models. I recall having to relocate the tack
boards on one car, which were located on the right side of the door
on the model but were on the left side in photos (in the SFMO book).
I left the fans off the Rr-42 there was no photo showing it, and I
also lettered it Grand Canyon (original scheme) but I have no idea
if that "map scheme" was retained during the 1950's.

I think the Duryea underframe is the most striking feature of this
car so I hope Athearn does it right. Champ BRH-118 to BRH-122, and
BRH-220 to BRH-221 come with 50 ft maps. Which is pretty prescient
of Champ, considering there were no 50 foot cars on the market when
the decals were done!

Tim O'Connor

Keith Jordan wrote

Andy and Others,

The Rr-22's Duryea underframe was the earlier version, with
different crossbearers and torsion plates than that on the Rr-30.
The hatch covers were different as well. Add this to Andy's
comments about the ends and trucks.

Also, while the Rr-31s were externally similar to the Rr-30s, they
were two feet longer, with larger capacity ice bunkers. Hopefully,
Athearn won't letter later runs for this class.

A minor correction: As far as the fans are concerned, they weren't
on "one side." It was the sheaves that attached to external
motors (when stationary) and external controls that were on one
side. Later fan versions put the sheaves/hardware on opposite
sides. The fans themselves actually were at the bottom of the
bunkers, running across the car.

When Overland imported these 50 foot reefers several years
ago, they included brass castings of the fan pulley sheaves.
These could be easily used as molds and cast in resin. When
the fan cars got repainted in the 1950s, the fan plates were
painted black, providing an interesting contrast.

I'm excited that Athearn did this, because it could be a harbinger
of future projects based on "minor" prototypes.

Keith Jordan

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