Re: SFRD Rr-30 Class Reefers From Athearn

buchwaldfam <duff@...>

Works for me! I wouldn't complain if Athearn slapped on SFRD
paint if it allowed them to tool up for that one-off MILW welded,
round roof box car that was discussed in RPCYC #13! ;> (I have lots
of brake fluid at home!)

Phil buchwald

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From: "Mike Brock" <brockm@...> wrote: might be permitted to wonder about the manufacture
of a car with
total production of 100 prototype cars when the AAR Alt Standard
50 ton
hopper...about 50,000 prototype cars ...has never been built


The reason, which seems anathema to some -- is simple and can be
expressed in two words: "Santa" and "Fe."

Doesn't matter if Chico had one, fifty, or 75,000 of them, people
will still buy 'em.

Not my rule, just stating the facts . . .

Marty McGuirk

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