Re: Search for welded-side C&NW 10'6" hi boxcars. ..

Dennis Storzek <dstorzek@...>

--- In STMFC@..., Ed Hawkins <hawk0621@...> wrote:
I went back and checked all my 40' rosters of AAR-style box cars and
can find no welded-side box cars for CNW. Is your friend positive these
existed, and if so, did they exist in the pre-1960 period as original
equipment bought by CNW and not some 1960s or later hand-me-down? There
were 30 welded-side 50' cars built by AC&F in 1954 (series 626-655). If
some 40' welded-side cars existed (other than PS-1s), I need more
information from your friend to go by (a build date, a builder name, a
car number, etc.). Possibly a rebuilt war emergency car?
Ed Hawkins
The pother possibility is that the story has been turned around
backwards. As I recall, the C&NW had some riveted cars with Pullman's
proprietary "PS-1" style ends and roof.


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