FDDM&S Ry PS-1 boxcar help


Can anyone on the list help me out with a question about a detail on a
40 ft PS-1 boxcar that I am lettering for Fort Dodge, Des Moines &
Southern Ry series 12201-12400. Can someone with a high-resolution
photograph of one of these cars, or alternatively a Kadee HO model,
and also a good magnifying glass, or possibly just a good memory, tell
me what is lettered inside the rectangle stencil to the left of the
door? And did this stencil appear on both sides of the car?

If anyone knows offhand for a decal source for this stencil, that'd be
great(but I know unlikely). Even better, someone could comfort me with
a report that these stencils never appeared on car numbers 12xxx-xxx,
or painted out before 1969, but then we might be straying a bit out of

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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