Re: Search for welded-side C&NW 10'6" hi boxcars

Tim O'Connor

Dennis Storzek wrote

The pother possibility is that the story has been turned around
backwards. As I recall, the C&NW had some riveted cars with
Pullman's proprietary "PS-1" style ends and roof.
Dennis, as far as I know they were genuine PS-1's -- C&NW was not
the only road to order PS-1's with riveted sides. The C&O had some
different PS-1's too -- AAR underframes, but PS-1 sides ends and
roofs. I'd like to know if any of the C&NW cars did not have PS-1
style underframes.

I agree with Ed Hawkins C&NW had no welded side 40 footers other
than PS-1's, until they rebuilt some War Emergency cars and welded
the steel sheathing to the trusses. (But that's past 1960.)

Tim O'

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