Dominon/Fowler Car Roof Walks

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Bill Welch,

Good morning - I'm also planing to built a Kaslo Resin
kit of the CN 36' Dominion/Fowler car. I've been
watching the messages daily hoping to see an answer to
your question of April 11th with regards to the width
of the roof walks.

Maybe I can start some form of a short discussion.
Unfortunately the information I have is rather

First, Mainline Modeler published drawings of the car
in their November 1985 issue. The problem, is these
drawings are not consistent with any era. Shown are
AAR Trucks with cast steel side frames - AB Brake
system - a continuous full width cut-bar that can be
operated from both sides of the car - 24" wide roof
walk with no corner walks - and an inside metal roof.
The last 3 items are more typical of the cars as they
were built (1917-1923).

To this, I've seen 3 photos all dated in the mid 60's.
The first shows a car, with the inside metal roof,
the narrower 18" roof walk and still no corner walks.
The other 2 photos are of cars with the outside metal
roofs, standard 3-board 18" wide walkway and 7-board
corner walks. All 3 photos clearly show top operated
cut-bars for the more conventional one side of the car

As I model the late 50's, I was just going to use the
standard 18" wide roof walk. Your question prompted
me to wait and try to find more information (as close
only counts in Horse-Shoes and Hand-Grenades).

That's all I have, which amounts to a little less than

My best regards,

Jim Peters
Coquitlam, B.C.

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