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Intermountain USRA Composite Drop Bottom Gondola
Yes - Numbers [IC] 126000-128649 when delivered, but they were
all off the roster or rebuilt and renumbered by about the mid
forties. I
haven't looked for their later history since they were still in
use in my
modelling timeframe
According to a Mainline Modeler, Dec 1986 article they received
side sheathing in 1949. Many may have become log cars 1000-2199.
the 1953 ORER, these log cars almost exactly match the gondolas.)
had USRA gondolas too.

Note that the total in the 1940 ORER is much higher than 2,650! and
cars have been renumbered (there is no 126000 series in 1940)

series 213000-214749 | 1940: 478
series 214750-218749 | -- total combined
series 90000- 90757 | -- 1940: 3979

And it's weird that the total includes two completely different
car series.

Tim O',

From a 1946 Illinois Central equipment book, the only gons listed old
enough to be USRA built (28 years), were the 94000-95492 series which
numbered 1471 cars. The next oldest group of composite gons were 23
years old. The cars show being numbered in the 107000-108499 series
in the Apr 1940 ORER. By 1950, only 54 cars remained. In 1953, the
IC began building/purchasing new steel GS type gons which were placed
in the 94000-95499 number series.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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