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Bobby, just remember: "Ne Nothi Te Redigant"

Brian Ehni

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Excuse me, but because one person thinks the car is "dumb looking"
does that mean that I'm stupid because I happen to like the car
alot? Bobby Pitts

On Thu, April 20, 2006 9:28 pm, Schuyler Larrabee wrote:
On Behalf Of Thomas M. Olsen
The same goes for freight cars in
various scales: the more obscure the car, the more models of
it are built.
Witness the new version of the Jones & Laughlin tank car. WHY?
A dumb
looking car that never went

On top of that, the version produced by F&C appears to mimic the
made by the previous NWSL brass J&L 20,000 gallon tanks... that
with black lettering paint job. More than likely, it is
a "builder's
paint job" done to highlight the details. The few pictures of
J&L tanks in this series appear to show black cars with white
<G>. A paint job that make a lot more sense for its lading of coal
I don't know if the model comes with those decals as well, but so
far I
have seen no evidence of it.

BTW, while uncommon outside of the J&L plants,these cars did
traverse mainline rails, although probably only PRR and only very

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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