Re: SFRD 50 foot reefer

Shawn Beckert

Richard "World Traveler" Hendrickson wrote:

I know some of you were hoping I'd decided to emigrate to
New Zealand, but - tough luck - I'm back, and just in time to
replace some of the STMFC's endless speculation about
forthcoming new products with some facts.
Well, here's some speculation for you to work on: word has it that
the Rr-30 class - all 100 of them - were assigned to frozen food
service, and thus didn't stray too far offline. Is this true? Because
if it is, none but the hardcore Santa Fe aficionados will need more
Than one or two.

Of course the unwashed masses will buy more, but the serious
Modelers among us will not be helping Athearn's bottom line much.

Shawn Beckert

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