Re: Intermountain USRA gondolas

Tim O'Connor


The only problem is that 107000-108499 have 3'5" interior height --
i.e. they are "low sided" gondolas. I don't have any ORER's between
1940 and 1950, but the 1950 shows the 94000- series cars with the
same 3'5" interior height -- not like other USRA gons.

But you could be right that the 213000- series gons are later design.
I don't have any IC records or photos of any of these cars. I have a
1944 photo of GM&O 12333 but I can't look up the dimensions -- my
Westerfield 1940 ORER CD-ROM has no GM&O (???). What's that about?


From a 1946 Illinois Central equipment book, the only gons listed old
enough to be USRA built (28 years), were the 94000-95492 series which
numbered 1471 cars. The next oldest group of composite gons were 23
years old. The cars show being numbered in the 107000-108499 series
in the Apr 1940 ORER. By 1950, only 54 cars remained. In 1953, the
IC began building/purchasing new steel GS type gons which were placed
in the 94000-95499 number series.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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