Re: What trucktype are these?

Tim O'Connor

I agree with Tony on the Type Y, but the top one looks like a
pretty conventional ARA U-section truck to me. The Type Y can
be simulated with a PRR 2DF8 (available from several vendors)
although I think the top is more flattened on the prototype.

Look how thin the wheel "tire" on the top truck is -- that is a
1W wheel that needs replacement soon! :-)

Tim O'

At 10:28 AM 4/21/2006, you wrote:
Mr. Hendrickson has provided me a photo af an UTLX tank car with 2
different truck types.
What types are they exactly?
The upper one looks like a Vulcan, the lower one is the ARA Type Y
truck widely used on tank cars. Both have spring planks, which most
model trucks do not.

Tony Thompson

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